Võru Culture Center Kannel

Built upon the ruins of the local zither (or – in Estonian – kannel) association’s first house (which was finished in 1900 A.D.), the new building is carrying on the traditions once held dear by its inhabitants, being a multifunctional cultural center of the contemporary city of Võru and its sorrounding county. The center aims to preserve and revive the region’s rich and ancient culture and people’s capability of self-determination; all that while also being a modern venue for concerts, theatric acts and as evident – conferences and various other events. The unique historical house of the zither association was torn down in 1962-63 and a new building was erected on its foundation. The house was once again renovated in 2005 and is a prime example of Soviet-style architecture. It is an honor to say that Võru Kannel has managed to preserve the values and function of the original zither association (Kandle selts) and has brought those values, regardless of a difficult history, to the present day.


Kubija Hotel & Nature Spa

In the middle of South Estonian pine forests and lakes you can find a cosy and comfortable hotel Kubija Hotel & Nature Spa. In our hotel you can enjoy a pampering body treatments, visit the spa and sauna center or find harmony with the nature and with ourselves. Kubija Hotel & Nature Spa is the cosyest spa in South Estonia.