NCPC 201730.11-02.12.2017 Võru, EstoniaThe three I care

NCPC 2017

New Chapter in Patient Care: Medication Review

30.11-02.12.2017 Võru, Estonia

The scientific programme is held in different locations across the town of Võru. However, this is just the beginning of the adventure...

The three I care

New Chapter in Patient Care: Medical Review



Interdisciplinary, integrated and individualized care conference series introduce practical and case-based teaching seminar about medication review.

Key activities:

Pre­conference workshop: Introduction of SMART PHARMACY Project, A. Mestrovic and M. Rouse

Comprehensive Medication review – theory and examples of implementation in practice.

Workshops: Rational geriatric prescribing; Medication review of special patient groups; Concomitant use of medicines and food supplements; Pharmaceutical policy and education about medication review

Evaluation of medication review cases presented by teaching seminar participants.


Pharmacists, assistant pharmacists, general practitioners, nurses and other healthcare specialists; pharmacy and medical students; representatives of academia; healthcare and pharmacy politicians.

When and where?

30.11-02.12.2017 Võru, Estonia (click for map)

Important dates:

01.10.17 – End of the case submission

31.10.17 – End of Early Bird registration